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1,Main Engine/Aux. Engine repair                      

  Engine unit overhaul, cylinder liner exchange;                 

  Main engine exhaust V/V and stuffing box overhaul;         

  Fuel oil pump overhaul and timing adjust;                        

  Bearing inspection and exchange;                              

  Main engine chain and camshaft exchange;                     

  Liner honing;   

2,Steel project                                                           

   Pipes fabricate and exchange;     

   Container ship cell guide and slim wire guide repair;         

   Air cooler and heat exchanger clean & repair;     

   Tank and cargo hold reapir;

   Crane loading test, anchor chain repair;

   Bulk carrier lashing and seafasten;

   Ship's Boiler repair;

3,Workshop recondition

   E-motor rewinding;

   Turbochanger overhaul;

   Oil injector recondition and test;

   Cylinder head,piston and exhaust V/V spindle and seat recondition;

   Impreller of cargo&Aux. blower recondition;

4,Electtrical service

  Electical governor overhaul;

   Bridge control、telegraph & auto-pilot control system maintenance;

   Engine room control and alarm system maintence;

   Boiler automatic control system maintence;

5,Ship's spare supply